Discover The Fortress

The massive fortress standing guard at the entrance to Narragansett Bay is not the only fortification at Fort Adams State Park. From pre-revolutionary earthen cannon emplacements through the WWII command center, learn more about the History of the Fortress once called “The Rock on Which the Storm Shall Beat”.

There is more to the story of Fort Adams then could ever be expressed in words alone. The technology of war has changed over the years. Exploring our Historic Photo Gallery shows the ways that the daily life in the Fort home was not so different from your own.

Today, National Defense relies upon computerized missile systems, satellite tracking and air craft to intercept an enemy attack. In the 19th century it was architecture that protected the homeland from attack. During its years of active service Fort Adams housed generations of soldiers, families and their pets. Explore the story of Sgt. Thomas Foshey and others in our online photo galleries.